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Y2K slink update.

Since I hear relatively few problems about my October GNOME update for
slink, I'm now considering making a "Y2K update for slink".

I'm first going to make an upload of the packages marked as "BAD" on the
http://www.debian.org/y2k and http://www.debian.org/y2k/extra pages, but
if you know of any other package from the current slink (2.1r3) that
should be upgraded to fix a y2k problem, please tell me.

Rationale for this update:
* potato _may_ be y2k-compliant, but is very unlikely to be released
before Y2K (and even if it were, not all the 'slink' users would have the
time to upgrade)
* there are a lot of people who are happy with slink and don't consider to
upgrade any time soon because they want a stable system ("Don't try to fix
what isn't broken"), however these people deserve to have the same y2k
fixes than the other Debian users.


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