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Re: Status in Incoming (Re: Status of Potato)

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> >  Sep 19: splay 0.8.2-5
> > 	- Sound player for MPEG-1,2 layer 1,2,3
> >    splay 0.8.2-2.1 is installed in potato, why not upgraded?
> It has moved from contrib to main, this is another situation that requires
> manual intervention.
> > [Why not installed in potato and still in incoming?]
> >  Aug 24: freetds-jdbc 990813-1
> > 	- Pure Java JDBC driver for MS SQL and Sybase

Sorry I don't understand your reference which package would have moved
here.  The background is that I misunderstood something which lead me
to the opinion freetds-jdbc would have to go to contrib.  Now the
package could ge into main in my opinion because I declared it
dependend from the abstract packages
   java-compiler, java-virtual-machine, java-common
which should be OK for main.  The driver itself has a free license.
I really wonder why it is not yet uploaded to main.  The freetds
people asked me to bundle also the pure FreeTDS driver which can
be found on 
At this time I don't need it and so I do not see any reason to package
it.  If there would be requests for packaging it I could think about
but I have problems to test the package reasonable.  In my opinion
both packages are valuable for Debian and I hope at least FreeTDS-JDBC
will be included sonn to make its way into potato.

If you think I should make a new upload of the package with the correct
location of main instead of contrib before it is included in the
override file please mail me.

Kind regards


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