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Re: proftpd

>     Can we also apply this to packages that have both console and X versions?
> Quite frankly I think it is foolish that vim requires X to run on the console.
> The same with mtr.  Both packages might easily be found on a headless, X-less
> computer running some basic functionality.

I *strongly* agree, but debian-policy prohibits it,

btw, vim-tiny doesn't use X, thankfully the maintainer of that
package has more sense than the policy makers.

- Dave


5.8. Programs for the X Window System

     Some programs can be configured with or without support for the X
     Window System. Typically, binaries produced with support for X will
     need the X shared libraries to run.

     Such programs should be configured _with_ X support, and should
     declare a dependency on `xlib6g' (which contains X shared libraries).
     Users who wish to use the program can install just the relatively
     small `xfree86-common' and `xlib6g' packages, and do not need to
     install the whole of X.

     Do not create two versions (one with X support and one without) of
     your package.

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