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Re: Status of Potato

Richard Braakman wrote:
> Potato looks ready to freeze.  Its primary goals have been achieved,
> and the only things left to do are to finish the bootdisks and fix
> lots of bugs.  I think it is advisable to freeze now, before we
> start major new developments in potato.
> Last weekend has shown that the bug count can be reduced rapidly
> in intense sessions.  We'll need more of those, and probably a large
> number of packages will also have to be removed from frozen.
> The freeze will be the coming weekend, on Sunday, November 7th.

> Before the freeze, we will have to deal with the backlog in Incoming
> somehow.  There are more than 200 packages in it now and it's growing.
> Help is on the way, but probably not in time.  In any case, I do not
> think it is wise to install a hundred new packages just before the
> freeze!  My plan is to handle all the packages that fix bugs, and
> leave the rest for the new unstable.

Please investigage every package since some of them ought to go into
potato, even if they're new.  They may cover new important software
(like OpenSSH) or major improvements (like alsa-*).

In either way, people were asking and complaining that their packages
weren't included in potato for months.  In case of important packages
this should be done before the freeze - as soon as possible.

> After the freeze, I expect it will take a week or two for frozen to
> settle down.  A lot of bugs can be fixed in that time.  This period
> will be similar to the traditional freeze.

The auto-builders will have to catch up.



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