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Re: mkdir bug?

On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 11:29:15AM +0100, Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Mon 01 Nov 1999, Ashley Clark wrote:
> > Now, shouldn't test1 and test2 have the same permissions (rwxrwsr-x)?
> You mean that test2 should also have the setgid bit set; test1 isn't
> looked at in the mkdir operation.

This is probably due to one of two patches submitted by peter samuelson.
I already backed one of them out in -5 because it broke stuff, and it
looks like I'll back the other one out in -6. The changelog entries for
these patches say:
  * Prevent install from inheriting strange permissions (#36770)
  * Allow "mv foo symlink-to-foo" (#31717)
  * (Above patches by Peter Samuelson)
But those bugs have long since fallen out of the BTS. Anyone have an
idea of how I can figure out what the original problem was, so I can
come up with a new patch?

> Yes, this looks like a bug in mkdir -p. File a bug report against
> fileutils. (I've noticed fileutils getting steadily worse over time,
> e.g. ls -lu sorts on time now, while it should only do that if the -t
> option is also specified; this worked correctly on fileutils 3.x).

I'm working on it. I've closed more than a dozen bugs since I picked up
the package and I'll get to yours sooner or later.

Mike Stone

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