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Re: Preparing the Release / Freezing potato

Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> > I see several problems with freezing potato in one week:
> ...
> > Therefore I propose to postpone the freeze (and the release) for at
> > least two months, hoping to get the FHS issue, Incoming and
> > boot-floppies resolved.
> > 
> > Thanks for your attention,
> > 
> > 	Joey
> I agree with you.
> Can we also require that all packages use debconf in their postinst scripts?

Not if you want to release potato before summer.

> This would be make debian ready for automatic installation, and probably the
> only distribution able to do that.

Debconf is not stable (in the meaning that it's still changing) and
there are a lot of bugreports covering problems in connection to
debconf.  Requiring to switch to it now, will make a potato release
impossible for a whole while.

> In two months we could easily made the transition to debconf, at least for
> the most common packages which are used in common installations.

No, we can't.  This would require 1/4th of all packages to be reworked
on, and recompiled for all arch's.



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