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Re: Something wrong with potato modutils

Previously Vaidhyanathan G Mayilrangam wrote:
> I have the same problem. I upgraded my potato machine yesterday. I had
> a bunch of unresolved symbols. I did a update-modules. Now my machine
> is complaining about /etc/modules.conf being older than
> /lib/modules/2.2.5/modules.dep.

It's a warning which can be safely ignored. modules.dep is remade on
boot, while modules.conf is only generated when needed. As a result it
tends to be older, which triggers this warning.

> Somehow, the depmod -a from init.d script seems to be not writing the
> modules.dep. When I run depmod -a manually, the modules.dep gets
> created. Next time, I boot, there is a old modules.dep in my
> /lib/modules.

How you have me confused.. how can the script not write modules.dep
while you still get the error that modules.conf is older then that
file? Something doesn't add up here..


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