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Re: New dpkg upload - please test!

Previously Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> dpkg ( unstable; urgency=low
>   * non-maintainer release.
>   * Move dselect into its own package

Oops, I forgot to remove this from the changelog. I reverted this change
since there is no good upgrade strategy for moving dselect to another

The problem is that when you upgrade the dpkg package it will remove
dselect. dselect will only return when the new dselect package is installed.
This means there is a timeframe in which you might be doing an install
using dselect during which dselect removes itself. This can produce quite
nasty problems; imagine what would happen if the install fails before the
dselect package gets installed...

The only way I can see to prevent this is to rename the dpkg package, and
make dpkg a dummy-package that Pre-Depends on dselect and the new dpkg package.
That will enforce that both dpkg and dselect will be installed when you
upgrade your system.


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