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mcedit syntax highlighting for debian/ files

I've put together some mcedit/cooledit syntax rules for debian control files.
These include debian/control, debian/rules, debian/changelog, 

If anybody is interested, I put them at 
These syntax rules are far from being complete and correct, but could 
be helpful.

fetch the above syntax.tar.gz, unpack it into /usr/lib/mc/syntax directory,
and add following lines to ~/.cedit/Syntax

file sources.list$ sources\slist
include sources.list.syntax

file control$ debian\scontrol\sfile
include control.syntax

file rules$ debian rules
include makefile.syntax

file .\*changelog$ Debian\schangelog\sFile
include debian-changelog.syntax

start mc, go to e.g. /etc/apt/, press F4 on sources.list and voila

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