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PostgreSQL 6.5.2-0.3

New .debs for testing are at www.debian.org/~elphick/postgresql.

If no problems are reported, I will upload these as 6.5.2-1 at the
weekend (or 6.5.3-1 if the upstream release happens).

Summary of changes from 6.5.1

This upload fixes a number of bugs.  However, please take extra care in
installing this.  One of the bugfix changes was to move the default
package location from /var/postgres to /var/lib/postgres.  The package
should cope with this by modifying /etc/postgresql/postmaster.init
(in the preinst of postgresql) to record the database location explicitly
as /var/postgres/data.

If you want to move your pre-existing database to /var/lib/postgres,
do it by hand and then change the definition of PGDATA in

Package splitting:  the binary packages are further split down.
Pgaccess is now split off from libpgtcl as a separate package.
The package postgresql-clients has been split out of postgresql
and libpgsql2.  You will probably need to install these
packages, if you previously had installed the ones from which they
have been split.

Major changes: now compiled with support for multibyte encoding as well
as locale support.  The default encoding can be chosen in the postinst
script, and new databases can be created with a particular encoding.
If none is chosen, the default is UNICODE.

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