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Re: X menus

> > > Have a look at the "Hints" capability of menu. It is attempting to
> > > solve this in a very elegant way. File wishlist bugs agains the
> > > Apps/Net packages if they don't include appropriate.
>                     ^
It was late at night and my eyes arent as good as when I was young, sorry.

> Did you actually look at the Hints stuff? Packaged that have menu
> entries can give hints like "Beginner,WWW,Small". If there are too
> many packages in Apps/Net, menu will find an often used hint like WWW
> and make a new submenu for it. This, of course, only works if packages 
> do give those hints, so I suggested you file wishlist bus if they
> don't. Check /usr/doc/menu/menu.txt.gz for more info.

I dont have this file and in all other files in /usr/doc/menu/
I havent find anything about hints only in fwm about geomentry hints or sth similar

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