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Re: Packaging Cyrus

On Mon, 11 October 1999 17:44:32 -0400, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
> With all due respect, if it could be so easily sorted out, why hasn't
> the sorting out been done?  Obviously the issue has been raised---why
> not resolved?

Something someone would have to ask, of course. I think it
can be sorted out.

> I suspect it's because the solution isn't necessarily obvious, simple
> or perhaps perceived as necessary.


> Frankly, I'm awfully glad these comments were made, since I hadn't
> looked closely enough at Cyrus' license to realize that I couldn't use
> it for a project I'm about to start working on.

They keep saying, though their license does not tell you,
"everything is ok as long as you don't sell the source in a
 different (/changed) product." Don't tell me their license,
as it is now, is usable. I know...

> Mind you, I'm not going to go with qmail, either.  I much prefer
> postfix.  And with a proper delivery agent and the UW imapd, one can
> get good performance, etc., without having to go to Cyrus.

With 10k users and stuff, you probably can't... *sigh*
UW is mbox, still. Users keep everything on the server.
About everything. mbox is slow... *sigh^2*

> > We do not recommend software here, it was a question if you were
> > about to package it or not. :->
> Unfortunately, this comment isn't really all that funny.

You're right here. Sorry, this was rather misplaced.


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