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Re: Packaging Cyrus

On Mon, 11 October 1999 19:46:44 +0000, utsl@utsl.org wrote:
> Because of some nightmarish problems with Cyrus (multi-day outages!), I

Oh? I read the mailling list and it works really fine, trust
me. Never even heard of problems that *big* ...

> don't recommend it's use. Also, it is considerably more
> "non-free" than the qmail solution I'm using. (Qmail isn't
> quite free, but it's not as nasty.  The other modules are
> GPL'ed.) And it works much better. :-)

Go, re-read the license and tell me it's worse than qmail. :->
After a thread on the list about one month ago the license
rather needs to be rephrased but it is nothing that could
not be sorted out by sending mails to the users list.

> So I'd recommend looking at www.qmail.org and
> www.inter7.com.

We do not recommend software here, it was a question if you
were about to package it or not. :->


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