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Re: Packaging Cyrus

Michael-John Turner writes:

> Hi
> I see that you're listed in the WNPP as busy packaging Cyrus. How is it
> progressing? Do you need any help?
> I'm quite keen on getting Cyrus packaged and am willing to help out if
> you need any assistance.
> -mj
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> Michael-John Turner          | http://www.edr.uct.ac.za/~mj/
> mj@phantom.eri.uct.ac.za     | Linux @ UCT -> http://www.leg.uct.ac.za/
> mj@debian.org, mj@icon.co.za | PGP key via mail, WWW or finger @phantom

Thank you for asking. In fact, I need to withdraw that... My company uses
Cyrus in production, and we're so upset with it, we're about to replace it.
We've decided to use qmail with a virtual domain system. (vchkpw)

At present, I have this new solution to the point that it works with POP,
IMAP, and a web mail client. (Which I'm using now, btw.) All of these work
with separate virtual domains, and vastly easier administration.

Because of some nightmarish problems with Cyrus (multi-day outages!), I
don't recommend it's use. Also, it is considerably more "non-free" than the
qmail solution I'm using. (Qmail isn't quite free, but it's not as nasty.
The other modules are GPL'ed.) And it works much better. :-)

So I'd recommend looking at www.qmail.org and www.inter7.com. Note that
Cyrus has a non-commercial use clause. (quic.net is an ISP, which is 
excepted in the license, but I don't like those very much.)

Because of this, and evem more because of a severe lack of free time, I'm
going to have to withdraw my ITP. I'll try to do that more formally when I
have time to figure out how...


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