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Re: New maintainer situation

Wichert Akkerman wrote on debian-devel-announce:
> As you may have heard or even experienced yourself, Debian's
> new-maintainer team is currently not processing requests. 
> The team wanted to resolve some problems they observed with the way
> Debian maintainership is current handled, and decided to close
> new-maintainer until these have been fixed.
> We are currently working on a new structure for handling new-maintainer
> requests, and hope to have this finished as soon as possible. There will
> be a proposal on this posted on the debian-devel list in the near
> future.
> Once the new structure is in place new-maintainer will be reopened, and
> we will make an announcement.
> Wichert.
---end quoted text---

Thank you Wichert.  This is a reasonable announcement describing an
understandable situation, and is far superior to rumor and speculation.


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