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sysutils orphaned

I just uploaded a version assigned to the Q&A group.  I find that my
dislike of outright orphaning packages was finally outweighed by the
facts that:

 1) I don't use it, ever

 2) It's an aggregate package, which I intensely dislike

 3) The most bug-ridden bits of it are basically pretty-printing for
    cat /proc/*

 4) Every time I try to dispose of a package any other way, the
    volunteer either never uploads a new version (xqf, qstat,
    liveice), or isn't yet a maintainer, with no knowable timeframe
    for becoming a maintainer (liveice, screem)---although this looks
    like it might be a viable option now that it seems that woldn't
    just be signing on to sponsor packages from now until I die.

Hmm.  Didn't know such a small package could stir such strong
feelings. :-)

I only ever took this package because it was one of the last ones
needing to be converted to the then-new source packaging format, oh so
many moons ago, and no one else seemed to have any intention of doing

So I have orphaned it.  Hopefully someone who finds it useful will see
fit to deal with it.  There are two bugs, both reported in the last
two weeks, against procinfo.  There is no upstream update, and since
one of them is an arch-specific bug, I'd guess that you'll probably
end up interacting with the author a lot.



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