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Re: sysutils orphaned

On Sun, Oct 10, 1999 at 03:56:55PM -0400, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
> I just uploaded a version assigned to the Q&A group.  I find that my

I would take it, but:

> dislike of outright orphaning packages was finally outweighed by the
> facts that:
>  1) I don't use it, ever
>  2) It's an aggregate package, which I intensely dislike
>  3) The most bug-ridden bits of it are basically pretty-printing for
>     cat /proc/*
>  4) Every time I try to dispose of a package any other way, the
>     volunteer either never uploads a new version (xqf, qstat,
>     liveice), or isn't yet a maintainer, with no knowable timeframe
>     for becoming a maintainer (liveice, screem)---although this looks

1) I am not a maintainer yet, with no knowable timeframe for becoming a

>     like it might be a viable option now that it seems that woldn't
>     just be signing on to sponsor packages from now until I die.
> Hmm.  Didn't know such a small package could stir such strong
> feelings. :-)
> I only ever took this package because it was one of the last ones
> needing to be converted to the then-new source packaging format, oh so
> many moons ago, and no one else seemed to have any intention of doing
> it.
> So I have orphaned it.  Hopefully someone who finds it useful will see
> fit to deal with it.  There are two bugs, both reported in the last
> two weeks, against procinfo.  There is no upstream update, and since
> one of them is an arch-specific bug, I'd guess that you'll probably
> end up interacting with the author a lot.

2) And I have access only to i386, so if there is no new upstream version,
the package would have to live with the arch-specific bug for a long time.

If you think it would still be worthwhile to start hacking on the package, 
I'll take a closer look at it.

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