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Re: perl dependancy problem

Le Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 10:27:00PM -0700, Joey Hess écrivait:
> What am I supposed to do? I could make debconf depend on perl-5.005, but it
> really works with any version of perl 5. Also, if only perl-5.004-base,
> perl-5.005, and perl-5.005-base were installed, and the alternatives pointed
> /usr/bin/perl to perl 5.004, then it would still fail! I realize that would
> require manual intervention to change the alternattives priorities, but it
> still worries me.

Yes this is a problem. How can we force perl-5.005 by default instead of
perl-5.004 ... we need to add a dependency somewhere. 

BTW, Darren, what happened to perl-base ? It doesn't depend on perl5-base
anymore ... perl-base should depend on
perl-5.005-base | perl5-base in order to install perl-5.005-base by
default. And perl-5.005-base will suggest perl-5.005 but this is not
enough to be sure that a perl5 dependency will give us a complete perl

Maybe we should put the alternatives for /usr/bin/perl in perl-5.00X
and simply create a link in perl-5.00X-base if one doesn't exist ... this
way /usr/bin/perl would always exist and always point to the more complete
perl installation (perl-5.00X and perl-5.00X-base instead of -base only).

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