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Re: should installed daemons automatically restart upon upgrade?

Colin Walters wrote:

> In a parallel problem to this thread:  I have gpm installed for those times
> when I am doing a lot of console work, but generally I don't run it because
> it interferes with Quake II, among other things.  So I did an:
> update-rc.d -f gpm remove
> But when gpm was upgraded by apt, the package's postinst did an:
> /etc/init.d/gpm start
> Is this correct behavior? 

I think so.  Generally, during an upgrade:

 - daemons are stopped in prerm before the package is removed.
 - the packge to upgrade is removed.
 - `update-rc.d DAEMON remove` is done in postrm.
 - the new package is installed.
 - `update-rc.d DAEMON defaults; /etc/init.d/DAEMON start; is
    done in the postinst of the new replacement package.

>                            I think we definitely need to come
> to a conclusion on this issue.  There should definitely be a
> way to specify which packages you want to actually run out of
> the installed packages.

AFAIK, there is currently no way of `registering' update-rc.d
commands such that they are repested after an upgrade.
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