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Unstable release


I'm just curious about how other people succeed in installing the
potato release. Myself, I have always had _lots_ of trouble when
trying that. First, I installed it at home, and dselect freaked
out and started complaining over files that didn't exist. This
was due to the fact that ftp downloads the softlinks that point
to slink packages instead of the actual files. That time I had
downloaded the whole lot with ncftp. I downloaded another time
using wget with the option to get real files. That worked better,
and dselect found all files. Still, the big problem was dselect
because it complained about so many things it flipped out and
refused to install any more packages (I barely got a working
Last week I tried the same thing at work, installing over ftp,
and I thik the installer also downloaded just the links, but
not the actual files, so this time I wasn't even able to boot
the system after running dselect. After this I installed slink
instead, and it worked like a charm.

Of course, I know that it's an unstable release, but is it really
this hard to install, or is it me doing something wrong?
If I could just get it installed properly (I run it at home,
but had to do a lot of manual tuning, and adding all packages
I wanted using dpkg --force* instead of dselect), I would
be glad to report problems, and also fix some, but as it
is now that the installation doesn't seem to work at all
for me I really don't feel like reporting problems because
the fault probably lies in my installation anyway.

How are you installing potato? Is there some magic way
to make ftp install work when there are soft links on
the server? Is there a way to make dselect go on installing
other packages even though it finds ten faulty packages
first in the list? (This way I could add those ten manually


Staffan Hamala

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