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Re: ITP: Re: Must hand off XEmacs21 project!

On Sat, Oct 02, 1999 at 06:49:59PM -0400, James LewisMoss wrote:
> I'll take it back.  I've already got packages made (look at
> http://va.debian.org/~dres/xemacs21.  They don't use your setup, but
> they work.  And you could have offered it back knowing I had already
> made packages rather than posting a general mail to -devel.
> So, to all on devel consider this a ITP on xemacs21 and I would
> appreciate anyone who has a chance to test the packages.  Apt line
> that should work: "deb http://va.debian.org/~dres xemacs21/".

    Thanks for making this available; unfortunately, it doesn't work for
me yet.  :^/

    On an otherwise-happy potato system with xemacs20 installed, I got the
following error while installing xemacs21:

Setting up xemacs21-basesupport (1999.07.13-3) ...

Setting up xemacs21-nomule (21.1.7-0.1) ...
Checking available versions of xemacs21, updating links in /etc/alternatives ...
(You may modify the symlinks there yourself if desired - see `man ln'.)
Updating xemacs21 (/usr/bin/xemacs21) to point to /usr/bin/xemacs-21.1.7-nomule.
emacs-install xemacs21
install/bbdb: Handling install of emacsen flavor xemacs21
install/bbdb: byte-compiling for xemacs21
install: lisp/*.elc: No such file or directory
Compilation log for xemacs21 saved to /usr/share/xemacs21/site-lisp/bbdb/install.log
install/debview: Handling install of emacsen flavor xemacs21
install/debview: byte-compiling for xemacs21
/usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/debview: line 30: 12906 Segmentation fault      ${FLAVOR} ${byte_compile_options} ${elc_dir}/${el_file} >$LOG 2>&1
emacs-install: /usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/debview xemacs21 xemacs20 failed at /usr/lib/emacsen-common/emacs-install line 28.

    I'll be happy to supply any further useful information.

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