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Re: slink -> potato

> > packages that conflict with them. An example is moving from the 1.1.2
> > KDE packages to the 2.0 ones, eg. from kdebase to kdebase-cvs etc. USing
> > dselect and APT, what happens is that somehow installation of the new
> > packages is tried first, and fails, and then deinstallation does not
> > proceed. Soone needs to explicitely delete the old packages first and
> > install the new ones after. That should be figured out by the package
> > management tools.
> It is figured out by the tools, but it sounds like the KDE packages lack
> the proper headers to tell what to do.

it's more like they are extremly early .deb's and are still being tweaked.
The first several rounds of them didn't even have proper conflicts/provides/etc
stuff in them so the old packages would get removed after the new packages
were unpacked and thus you'd end up with the new packages with missing files.

Tho I haven't tested it yet, I'm assuming a Replaces line would cause them
to be handled in the proper order. 


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