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WHEN do you upload to grep and sed with multi-byte extension?

Hello Mr. Wichert Akkerman,

One month ago, I asked you to apply multibyte extension patch to grep
and sed and to upload them, to upload grep-ja and sed-ja (by me)

However there is no uploading them. Why?
You said  in debian-devel@lists.debian.org (archive/latest/43648)
     `release fast, release often'
What is a reason you cannot do so? ( I feel that one month is too
long to wait as "fast release") 

If the upstream maintainer does not apply the patch, you should apply
 and upload them as debian packages because potato is the unstable

If you left them not supported multi-byte, Japanese users will not be
happy to use debian.  There is not enough time to release potato.  If
you cannot upload grep and sed with multibyte extension until the
frozen status (November 1st?), I want to upload them as another
package (grep-ja or sed-ja).

Please let me know your thinking.

Thank you for your reading my poor English.
Best Regards.

Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Tohoku University
Dr. Ryuichi Arafune

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