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Re: WHEN do you upload to grep and sed with multi-byte extension?

From: Ryuichi Arafune <arafune@debian.org>
Subject: WHEN do you upload to grep and sed with multi-byte extension?
> If you left them not supported multi-byte, Japanese users will not be
> happy to use debian.  There is not enough time to release potato.  If
> you cannot upload grep and sed with multibyte extension until the
> frozen status (November 1st?), I want to upload them as another
> package (grep-ja or sed-ja).

I've maintained grep-ja/sed-ja package in Debian JP Project.
(I'm now waiting to become new maintainer, so Ryuichi Arafune intended
 to upload/merge grep-ja/sed-ja to Debian Project instead of me.)

I'm currently working grep-2.3 multi-byte patch
because original grep-ja package based on grep-2.0.
This multi-byte patch has ability to deal with EUC/SJIS (muti-byte
characters). If I complete working, I plan to send it.

BTW, sed-ja patch has more ability handling EUC/SJIS, and UTF-8.
It's nice that sed is UTF-8 ready.
If Mr.Wichart merge between grep/sed and their-ja patch,
it's useful for Japanese, and besides for non-Japanese people.

Properly speaking, these `i18n/m17n' related issue should fix/apply
in upstream level. Many essential tools (currently even libc!) don't
have much ability to handle multi-byte characters.
I, however, understand that it 's difficult problem to achieve `m17n';
for example, generally regular expressions don't consider multi-byte
characters. But, it is to be regretted that these current m17n
circumstance, status, situation have continued.
In addition, I think that a software's `i18n/m17n' does not mean
to deal with *only* Unicode.

GOTO Masanori
Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science,
Tokyo Institue of Technology.

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