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A simple question about unstable

I hope this is not a foolish question.  I have looked at the
FAQ and the Debian web page, but I haven't found the answer.

What's the best way to get a current copy of unstable for installation
on a single, not-very-well-connected machine?

I have a slink installation, and I don't want to upgrade it to unstable
until unstable is released.  But I want to look at the state of potato
now.  So, I am thinking of making a second installation on the same
machine.  This machine is connected to the internet via a slow 56K modem.
I have a fast network connection at my work, but it is NT, not Linux.

So, do I just ftp all the files in dists/unstable/main/binary-all and
dists/unstable/main/binary-i386 and dists/unstable/main/source, or is
there an easier way?  I don't want to waste bandwidth downloading all
those files if it is not necessary.  There it possible to use the 
pseudo-image-kit to download potato?  I suspect not, but what do I know.

Is it possible to upgrade from slink to potato using a 56k modem connection?
If it takes 650Mb to upgrade everything it is not possible.  If it is,
my problems are solved, of course.


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