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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate funct

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 02:29:55PM -0400, Clint Adams wrote:
> > Ok, let's bring this back to implementation.  How would you propose we handle
> > this?  Currently daemons install, set themselves up, and begin running.
> > 
> > a) we can prompt.
> > b) we leave everything off and let the admin turn it on (not an option for
> > obvious reasons)
> > c) first come first serve -- first daemon installed does its job, the rest
> > install unconfigured
> > 
> > any others?
> d) have something that keeps track of installed services, perhaps with
>    priorities akin to alternatives.  If there weren't an issue of
>    services being run either in inetd or standalone, this could
>    be accomplished with a souped-up update-inetd.

e) Let update-inetd handle this. This might not be enough for standalone
servers like apache and roxen but it would work with a pop3 server -
update-inetd -add should notice that there is already a valid entry enable
with that service and add the new entry with a hash mark.

I would volunteer the patch to update-inetd if needed. 


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