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Re: pine in other distributions?

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 06:04:21PM -0400, Johnie Ingram wrote:
> David> Redistribution of binary versions is further constrained by
> David> license agreements for incorporated libraries from third
> David> parties, e.g. LDAP, GSSAPI.
> Hm, what happened to this text:
>     Although the above trademark and copyright restrictions do not convey
>     the right to redistribute derivative works, the University of
>     Washington encourages unrestricted distribution of patch files which
>     can be applied to the University of Washington Pine distribution.
> Did something change?  Have they seen the Light?

They have made it so at this point you can distribute pine freely if you
mark derived versions as such on CDs.  Note they SPECIFICALLY say that you
can do it on CDs.  They never say you can do it elsewhere such as ftp,
http, magnetic tape, zip disks, et al.  This is clearly a stupid oversight
on their part.  It could be fixed if someone had the time to approach
them.  (I no longer do.)

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