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Re: Status of new packages in Incoming?

Joey Hess wrote:

> I think it should be possible to come up with a structure where ftp site
> maintainers need not be trusted. The key to doing so is making it possible
> for any change such a person makes to be logged, and reversable.
>                           Anyone can manipulate bugs in the BTS, and that's
> generally ok, because the changes they make are reversable.
> I think we should consider writing a developers' interface to the ftp site.
> This would allow developers to move files from one section to another, edit
> override files, delete files, and replace files with new files from
> Incoming.

I think it would be _great_ if we could move files directly into
the archive instead of to incoming.  The installer program would
log everything, and the ftpmasters could just oversee the logs
instead of doing it themselves.

New packages stay for too long in incoming.  

I currently never get kernels frm the stanadrd Debian place
because they are obsolete (almost) by the time they get


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