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Re: scanning my ports

On 26 Sep 1999, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

> In addition to apologies to Mr. Norman, perhaps there's some value in
> either (1) making tcplogd etc. require enough configuration to force
> people to read the documentation, or (2) enhance those packages to
> interpret things a little more, so they scare naive users a bit less?

debian-admin gets reports like this on virtually a monthly basis, they
response is always that the user is using port mode ftp and that the site
is an ftp server.

Some of the 'reports' are exeremely angry and irritated - I think the best
one was from some admin who had a user who subscribed to a Debian lists,
he was incessed that we were 'attacking' his mail server by *gasp* sending
it mail!


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