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Re: scanning my ports

On 26 Sep 1999, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

 : In addition to apologies to Mr. Norman, perhaps there's some value in
 : either (1) making tcplogd etc. require enough configuration to force
 : people to read the documentation, or (2) enhance those packages to
 : interpret things a little more, so they scare naive users a bit less?

No apologies necessary.  The mirror services have been restored.

I apologise for the incendiery tone of my original email; I was pretty
upset.  Mr. Lapeyre and I have continued to correspond via private mail
and I feel we've got everything worked out.

An important point to consider in this particualr case:  The PTR record
for "" resolves to "pavlov.midco.net" rather than
"debian.midco.net" which would certainly be more obvious in most cases.
Unfortunately, there are issues with changing the PTR record to a more
"correct" value, as the machine has other responsibilities.

My co-workers and I are plannig to purchase a new system board,
processor and case which along with some hardware donations ( :) ) will
become "debian.midco.net", leaving pavlov to his more mundane tasks.
This should prove beneficial to both the project and Midcontinent. (If
anyone wants to contribute something, let me know.  I think we've got it
mostly covered.)

Nathan Norman
MidcoNet  410 South Phillips Avenue  Sioux Falls, SD
mailto:finn@midco.net           http://www.midco.net
finger finn@home.midco.net for PGP Key: (0xA33B86E9)

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