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Re: A few changes

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Michael Stone wrote:

> Definately by package. I can think of several circumstances where this
> is useful: when a bug is closed in unstable but someone using stable
> wants an explanation for a problem; when a bug is inadvertantly
> reintroduced; when a maintainer closes a bug caused by user error, and
> [...]

Agreed.  It would be nice to have a mail server command `resurrect',
or similar, that would bring a dead bug back to life (if it were
found not to be dead, or whatever; several reasons were listed above).

This would also be some way to producing some kind of automated list of
bugs fixed in each release of Debian; people could visit a list somewhere
showing them precisely which bugs in which packages had been fixed
between their version of Debian and unstable.

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