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Re: A few changes

On Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 04:09:17PM -0700, Darren Benham wrote:
> Bugs are no longer deleted!!!  We don't have a way for you to access them
> directly but there's an "official" location in the database where they're
> being archived.  We're trying to decide how to serve them up... by
> requesting a bug number, obviously, but any other way?  Do we need them
> index by maintainer or package?  Remember, these are closed -- solved --
> bugs.

Definately by package. I can think of several circumstances where this
is useful: when a bug is closed in unstable but someone using stable
wants an explanation for a problem; when a bug is inadvertantly
reintroduced; when a maintainer closes a bug caused by user error, and
another user does the same thing; when a package is adopted and the new
maintainer wants to get a feel for the packages history and the
rationale behind various packaging decisions. It would be most useful if
someone could search by package name, keyword, and status of the bug

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