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Re: A few changes

On Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 04:09:17PM -0700, Darren Benham wrote:
> In the new software, the X-Debian-CC was changed to X-Debbugs-CC (more
> general) and it appears to be working.

Oh yeah, indeed :)
> Some of the perl scripts have been made -w clean.


> Bugs are no longer deleted!!!  We don't have a way for you to access them
> directly but there's an "official" location in the database where they're
> being archived.  We're trying to decide how to serve them up... by
> requesting a bug number, obviously, but any other way?  Do we need them
> index by maintainer or package?  Remember, these are closed -- solved --
> bugs.

I think requesting them by package would be useful at least. I am not sure
if by maintainer is useful (only if you update the maintainer to match the
current maintainer each time).
> The message that gets sent to the debian-bugs-closed list and back to the
> closer now inlcudes the text of the message that closed the bug... as well
> as the original bug report.

Well, seems I should resubscribing to those lists now :)
> Also, there is a bug that was filed against the BTS, #30682 that I'd like
> to invite public comment on.  I'm inclined to agree with the opinion that:
> "if it's that trivial, just email the maintainer.  If the maintainer
> doesn't respond/fix it.. it's a bug.. ie. normal"

I don't think we should encourage private mail to the maintainer. It has a
tendency to get lost (look at your desk if you don't believe me :) and it
does not serve well if maintainer changes etc.

Now that we have teh Closes: feature in changelog file it is trivial to
close fixed bugs. Let's just stay with normal bug reports, even for


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