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Re: Bug#45307: [PROPOSAL] virtual package ident-server

Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> wrote:
>> The proliferation of ident daemons (midentd, oidentd, pidentd) in
>> Debian necessitates the introduction of a virtual package that these
>> packages can provide and conflict with (since you can only
>> [reasonably] run one ident daemon at once).  While "ident-daemon"
>> seems more intuitive, the name ident-server is more consistent with
>> existing conventions for daemons.
>> Per the virtual package policy, this is CC'd to debian-devel.

> While this is fine to satisfy dependencies, the packages would
> be more useful if they provided a standard interface via the alternatives
> mechanism.

This is unnecessary unless something actually is going to depend on it.  None
of these packages overlap in their fs name space.  The only thing they have
in common is the inetd.conf entry.  This is easily managed with update-inetd,
just like finger and others.
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