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Re: ProFTPd being lame

On Fri, Sep 17, 1999 at 11:46:52AM +0100, Chris Rutter wrote:

> Most people I know prefer using the OpenBSD-derived server, because
> it seems to be more stable and less buggy than the rest -- why is
> it being deprecated by Debian (or Herbert, I don't know) in this
> way?
	The OpenBSD ftp server is not intended for high volume ftp servers
as I understand it.  It's also not terribly versatile (is there any config
file at all for this one?).
	Virtualhosting in proftpd is far easier than with wu-ftpd.  As it
stands now, I don't believe any debian ftp server supports virtual anon ftp
sites as provided besides proftpd.
	With wu-ftpd there is a patch, but after rebuilding with the patch,
for each of your virtual hosts you need to maintain a small chroot
environment with a passwd and group file some libs and some bins.  I've done
it in an isp environment, but I sure didn't like it.  Customers frequently
seem displeased with the small tree in what's supposed to be their own
directory tree, and it tends to be an administrative hassle.
	Proftpd also has a config file syntax that less experienced admins
find easier to work with (since they've all mucked with apache configs by
the time the're dealing with ftp servers).
	This software is not essential, but it's certainly not useless.


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