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Re: Announcing debconf, configuration management for debian

On Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 12:50:57PM -0600, Scott Barker wrote:
> Not even a dozen messages into this thread, and already the usual user-bashing
> begins.

I wasn't bashing a user, I was bashing people who levelled criticisms of
debconf before it's even been out 24 hours, and more to the point, before
they've taken a close look at it.

Joey probably doesn't need me to defend him, but I understand that he's put
quite a bit of time into debconf over the past few months, and fellow
developers making ignorant remarks about his work probably doesn't give him
much of a feeling of reward.

> This is one of Debian's biggest problems, IMHO. The mailing lists are
> very hostile, not only to users, but also between developers.

Often, this happens when some developer runs his mouth off, pretending to
knowledge he doesn't possess.  In such cases, it's quite right to correct
them, but the level of courtesy to be used depends on several factors,
mostly how desperately they cling to their ignorance.

The clue bat has swung and hit me in the head before, too.  The proper way
to deal with it is to swallow one's pride, and *learn*.  Once one obtains
clues, one gets the privilege of wielding the cluebat for oneself.  :)

> For your information, I understand just fine.

I won't bother to rebut this, since Joey already did.

> I did not in any way intend to belittle Joey's efforts. I am extremely pleased
> that debconf has been released, and am anxiously awaiting it's evolution, so
> that I may deploy it in my University labs and get rid of RedHat.

That, at least, is quite laudable of you.

> Looking for a husband? Know anyone looking for a husband? Well, I'm looking
> for a wife. See http://www.mostlylinux.ab.ca/scott/wife.shtml

I didn't follow the URL to see if this is a joke, but if it is not, you do
not know what powers of restraint it requires to stay away from THIS fish

Anyway, if you want to tell me further what an asshole I am, please confine
your remarks to private mail.  If you want debian-devel to be your
audience, then please don't CC me as well.  I'm perfectly capable of
following the list.

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