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XEmacs 21

I have xemacs 21 packages aptable at
"deb http://va.debian.org/~dres xemacs21/".  I would appreciate
some people trying them out and seeing what problems you find (please
report directly to me rather than bug tracking system).

Here's known problems:
1) not all elisp packages that compile for xemacs21 actually compile
   OK, so I've ignored the return value from emacsen-install to get
   things installed.  When I get time I plan on tracking down which 
   elisp packages are having trouble and let their maintainers know
   (any help with this would be appreciated).
2) gnus and bbdb in the -basesupport package are broken, but the bbdb
   and gnus debian packages work fine.  The only trouble I have is
   that it needs a compiled apel debian package and because of 1)
   above that doesn't happen (quick fix is run
   "/usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/apel xemacs21" after
   xemacs is installed.
3) The info pages are a bit messed. (Working on it.)
4) Yes I plan on splitting out the -mulesupport and -basesupport into
   separate "packages" (in the xemacs sense), but haven't gotten to it 

I think that's about it.

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