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Re: Announcing debconf, configuration management for debian

Have you looked at debconf at all? Because..

Scott Barker wrote:
> 1) Separate interactive and non-interactive installation scripts. I suggest
>    that the current debian install scripts should contain *only*
>    non-interative functionality, such as running ldconfig, update-rc.d, etc.
>    *All* interactive functionality should be moved into a separate config
>    script.

This is what debconf does.

> 2) Add one more level of configuration to debconf: configure new parameters.
>    This would help immensely when upgrading clusters of workstations. An
>    administrator can be notified of all configuration changes when upgrading a
>    package on one workstation, but once the values of those parameters have
>    been set on that workstation, other workstations can inherit them during
>    their upgrades without prompting.

This is in the spec, although not yet implemented.

see shy jo

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