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Re: Steve Haslam and Gnome in potato

Le Thu, Sep 16, 1999 at 12:18:26PM -0700, Franklin Belew écrivait:
> I'm not an official maintainer, but I have compiled gnome quite a bit, and 
> have looked at the packages. I'd be happy to help test and configure 
> new packages for 1.0.50.

That's not what I said. Gnome 1.0.50 is not out. :) I want that
someone update the gnome-core & gnome-libs source package. They
should check which bugs (from the Debian BTS) are corrected by
this upgrade and so on. For gnome-libs the latest version is 1.0.16 I
think and gnome-core it must be 1.0.9 (I'm not sure).

Take a look at : http://qa.debian.org/todo.html

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