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Re: Strategy: DNS server in main for potato?

On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 12:01:18PM +0200, Michele Bini wrote:
> > How will u handle DNSSEC? Can you develop this part and the hooks outside
> > the states, so we can put it on non-US?
> You can't do that, because silly US exports rescrictions cover crypto-hooks,
> too. But you can put other, generic transformation hooks and plug in crypto
> using those.

Actually it is not a Crypto Hook but a Authentication Hook. Using
Cryptografie for Digital Signatures is exportable. Thats the Reason why you
can export bind sources. The Problem with bind is not the export Laws, but
the RSA patent in the states. Of course this problem will vanish soon, but a
non RSAREF (DNSSAFE in that case) version developed outside the states my
allow the bind (with rsa) to go to non-US. Sad thing is, that this kind of
software would be illegal to use in the states... and the legal one would be
non-free.... funny times :)


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