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RFP/ITP: MasqMail

MasqMail (http://merlin.uni-sw.gwdg.de/~okurth/masqmail/) is a free MTA
targetted at small networks/single hosts without a permanent internet

   "MasqMail is a mail server designed for hosts that do not have a
   permanent internet connection eg. a home network or a single host at
   home. It has special support for connections to different ISPs. It
   replaces sendmail or other MTAs such as qmail or exim.

   MasqMail is released under the GPL license."

MasqMail is in a early stage, still already usable. It could use a security
auditing, but since by definition it should only be used on leaf node hosts
without permanent internet connection and since it doesn't listen to any
port, that should be no critical concern.

If somebody would like to take the package, please go on. I guess I'll use
it for myself, therefore I'll step in when nobody else takes it.


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