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Binary Deb 'Diffs'

Just a quick idea, instead of having to download an entire package where 95%
of the files don't change, what about downloading a type of binary diff? I can
think of two ways to do it:

1) Package everything in a type of 'pdeb' (patch deb). It should contain
reconfiguration information, and files which have changed since version
locally installed

2) Package everything in a 'pdeb' w/ real binary diff. Instead of packaging
entire files which have changed, package patches. This would require a system
which logged changes in order to work correctly, similar to CVS.

Both of these would need to include a checksum per file. Optimally it would
require that the storage of deb's on HTTP and FTP servers change as well,
requiring the files to be unpacked so apt can grab a single file from a .deb.

Then again, if it was done this way you could install partial packages, it's
not like anyone uses every single executable which comes with the X packages..

I don't know, I figured it might be a way to save bandwidth & disk space.

Just a thought,


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