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Re: Binary Deb 'Diffs'

*- On 16 Sep, Jordan Mendelson wrote about "Binary Deb 'Diffs'"
> Just a quick idea, instead of having to download an entire package where 95%
> of the files don't change, what about downloading a type of binary diff? I can
> think of two ways to do it:
> 1) Package everything in a type of 'pdeb' (patch deb). It should contain
> reconfiguration information, and files which have changed since version
> locally installed
> 2) Package everything in a 'pdeb' w/ real binary diff. Instead of packaging
> entire files which have changed, package patches. This would require a system
> which logged changes in order to work correctly, similar to CVS.
> Both of these would need to include a checksum per file. Optimally it would
> require that the storage of deb's on HTTP and FTP servers change as well,
> requiring the files to be unpacked so apt can grab a single file from a .deb.
> Then again, if it was done this way you could install partial packages, it's
> not like anyone uses every single executable which comes with the X packages..
> I don't know, I figured it might be a way to save bandwidth & disk space.

This was discussed in Oct '98 on this list.  See the thread start at
There was also some alpha code created for this process but it doesn't
look like there has been any activity since Dec '98.  See 
http://www.stud.tu-muenchen.de/~kai.duebbert for more info on the

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