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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was:

On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 12:23:24PM +0200, Anders Arnholm wrote:
> >>>Anthony Towns wrote:
>  > > beacus some pepole in the Debian comunity does not have tha same
>  > > problems...
> The day I get my key sigh by a developer and I get som exctra time. I
> can contribitute something.

Nonsense. There are a million ways you can contribute to Debian without
being a developer [0]. The only extra ones that developers can do
are uploading packages. Actually achieving any of these goals isn't a
matter of having an acocunt on master, it's a matter of getting good
code written, and ensuring that it works. Actually getting it into Debian,
while painful and difficult isn't really the sticking point.

>  > There's plenty of stuff to be done, and sitting around talking each
>  > others face off is non-productive at best.
> Withoput talking about the peroblems one never finds out what the
> differents sides of the problem. One has too use the brain before one
> start to work.

And *gee* you'll never guess what, but the people that *have* started
work have already thought about it, discussed it on this and other
lists, and resolved most of the issues. Look up their work, their past
discussions and only come back if you've got something *new* to add,
not just some brand new "Death of Debian predicted, .gif at 11" hyperbole.



[0] Here's five:

	* Join boot-floppies and start coordinating all the patches and
	  additions to CVS and start building actual .debs and finding
	  what problems are still lurking and start fixing them.

	* Write / find manpages to replace the undocumented.7 links, and
	  send them to the maintainer.

	* Go through old/release-critical/interesting/whatever bug reports,
	  add patches where you can work out the solution, or poke the
	  maintainer to apply patches that are already there, or to close
	  bugs that are already fixed.

	* Join the X strike force, start testing and fixing the IPv6
	  .debs, join *any* of the special interest groups and start
	  solving problems, and sending people patches.

	* Work on some of the semi-external projects: debconf, debbugs,
	  Herring, etc. Hell, work on some upstream projects, even.

    You'll notice "redesign Debian and convince everyone that it'd all
    be much better that way" doesn't rate. Nor does "try and force everyone
    else to do work, coz they're all slackers, and it's not fair how they
    have accounts at debian.org and you don't".

Anthony Towns <aj@humbug.org.au> <http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/>
I don't speak for anyone save myself. PGP encrypted mail preferred.

 ``The thing is: trying to be too generic is EVIL. It's stupid, it 
        results in slower code, and it results in more bugs.''
                                        -- Linus Torvalds

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