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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was:

>>>Steve Lamb wrote:
 > domain of individuals who do not have a packaging system.  Debian has a very
 > strong packaging system so the separation is not needed.

Then could you please show me a way to share /usr/bin over nfs? I see
the need to install, the idea in /usr/share is that it should be
possible to share it beween several hosts (saving some disk space)
that's just not possible eighter with the current "strong" packaging

 > >>     If we wanted to do things the FreeBSD way, we'd use FreeBSD.
 > > That doesn't stop Debian from using FreeBSD as inspiration.
 >     No, but it should always be remembered before people get overzealous and
 > forget what makes Debian Debian.

Is a unflexible /usr/bin with over 1500 binaried one of the things that
makes Debian debian, I peronally think more of it as the development
process, the tools dpkg, apt, and not as /usr/bin /usr/bin or
/usr/extra/bin is not a that big difference. It will not change whats
debian in it. There are now a distinktion  between packeges (local,
Required, Important, Standard, Optional and Extra) at leas in my packet
kind of view on Debian. More flexability could be good if it was used in
a sencible maner.

/ Balp

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