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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was:

>     If I got real, >technical< answers from people instead of the typical
> ideological hype maybe I wouldn't be as defensive about it.  As it stands
> this
> is now at least the 3rd or 4th time I've seen the whole FreeBSD item
> mentioned.  I'm getting sick of seeing it.

Raul covered all the technical items, most of us agree with him, if you don't
fine.  Disagreement can exist.
>     Stop trying to make Debian FreeBSD just because you or someone else
> thinks
> that FreeBSD is the latest cool thing.

But why can someone not take Debian and make it work the way he wants to?  Then
by doing this Debian itself gains flexibility.

One of the coder's tenets is that porting code helps to make it better -- you
find little odd assumptions you should not make, less well lighted corners.  By
helping Debian bend to the desires of users and developers we are doing the
same thing.

This fellow wanting a /opt is as easy as creating the directory.  dpkg will
never even know it is there.

Later we can help third party people package items and they can go in /opt,
giving us things like Word Perfect debs.  Hell, we could make /opt the home for
non-free, no source packages (-:  No I am not advocating this, rather the fact
that one should have an open mind.

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