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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was:

>>>Steve Lamb wrote:
 >     If I got real, >technical< answers from people instead of the typical
 > ideological hype maybe I wouldn't be as defensive about it.  As it stands th

I have see a loot of TECHICAL reasons, but you just don't care as they
does not apply to your system...

 >     Debian is not FreeBSD.

YEs, and thats nice...

 >     We do things the Debian way.

Yes, Debian is perfect, don't even try to figure out better solutions.

 >     If we wanted to do things the FreeBSD way, we'd use FreeBSD.

If we wanted some of the better things from other Unix version we'll use
the different Unix versions. Does you think the other version will get
the Debian hardware support, and apt-get if we switch to them? There are
things that are better in Debian and there are things that are better in
Solaris, AIX, *BSD, my installations. Some small changes in Debian could
make it far better and flexible. I like the idea with /usr/packages
there every binary not part of the "base" system goes. Then a sysstem
that makes this possible to share readonly to several clients (maybe
we'll also gets the possibilities of Solaris Cache-fs someday).

 > Stop trying to make Debian FreeBSD just because you or someone else thinks
 > that FreeBSD is the latest cool thing.

No, buts it's maybe time time for some Linux system to learn the lesson
made by several good Unix administators over the time. There are a
reason (besides historical) that the are some different direcotries for
different packages.

/ Balp

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