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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was: ...])

>>>Steve Lamb wrote:
 > Tuesday, September 14, 1999, 1:14:02 PM, Raul wrote:
 > > Assuming you don't care about systems where /usr/local is not writable.
 >     Which would be for what reason?

* Security
* Distribution

 > > Assuming you don't care about clean administration of backups (backup
 > > office software with local mods?).
 >     Backups are for data, not programs.

Setting up and restoring the eviroment takes time, time is money, tapes
are cheap, (and the program selldom change so that you don't waist that
much tape anyway). For a simpe exapmle do your data backup (i assume ony
meay /home/) and then wipe out /var/ restore the system...  test the
same with a full backup... (You only have to try this in you mind :^)
Experience tells me that the first situation os not fun when there are
some usesr wanting to get back to work...)

/ Balp

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