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Re: [ITP] TuxNES

Quoting Joseph Carter:
> >      Again, I'm not sure about the NES, but it's pretty much a given
> > that there's SOMETHING free out there.
> Find ONE and I swear I will have the package moved to main VERY quickly!
> That goes for most people maintaining emulator packages I'd wager.

        Well, http://zophar.net has one.  They have a decidedly small
NES ROM section, and recent news says that the authors of the single
game image in there are fighting over its freedom.  One wants to keep
it as a moneymaking endeavor.  Ugh.
  Following his links may also lead you to some more.  Actually, now
that I think about it... there IS another one out there.  It's a
scorched earth clone, but I don't think anything's been released.
Check the news items.

> You know, I think the NES emulators support the GameBoy games

        If they do, it's news to me.  Actually, I sincerely doubt it.
You're thinking of the Sega Master System emulators, which can also
run the Game Gear's games (with slight tweaking).
  And sadly, the most advanced GB emu out there is, despite its name
(no$gb), decidedly not-free.  It's shareware.  I daresay it's even
crippleware, since the GB Color support is on a time limit.
     There are others, though.  Zophar's Domain is a great resource
for these things.

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