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Re: [ITP] TuxNES

On Sat, Sep 11, 1999 at 04:22:32PM -0700, George Moffitt wrote:
> > ROMs are Copyrighted, almost exclusively with a very liberal license (sic)
> > such as "All Rights Reserved."  This isn't terribly helpful to us.  =>
>         You have fallen victim to a woefully common misconception.
>   The only ROM images that aren't legally distributable are commercial
> ones.  I'm not too sure about the NES community, but with the SNES and
> especially the Game Boy, there's a massive library of homebrew ROM
> images out there.  Companies that make flash-ROM cartriges for the
> Game Boy even hold competitions.
>      Again, I'm not sure about the NES, but it's pretty much a given
> that there's SOMETHING free out there.

Find ONE and I swear I will have the package moved to main VERY quickly!
That goes for most people maintaining emulator packages I'd wager.

You know, I think the NES emulators support the GameBoy games

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